An article on EMS that may actually “get” it

I don’t usually like things in the media portraying what we do in EMS. Usually they’re too full of melodramatics, misinformation, or just plain callous misunderstanding of what we actually do in the field for my taste. Most of them play out like fantasy, showing EMTs and paramedics as the bumbling idiot “ambulance drivers” they think we are on old TV shows like “ER,” or the junkie borderline monsters like in the movie ”Bringing out the Dead,” or even like the camera-friendly vapid idiots on NBC’s (thankfully) ill-fated show “Trauma.” I just can’t bring myself to watch any of those shows, or even to read most articles printed in the mainstream media covering EMS. They just seem to make me mad as I read them because they don’t get it… and they don’t try to.

Most of them don’t try to get it I should say, because today I came across a piece in Esquire magazine that actually seems to try. Chris Jones, the author does a pretty good job of representing EMS and EMS people though an article he wrote after a series of ride-along shifts he did with paramedics in Canada.

Nice job, Sir. The article isn’t a perfect representation of everything we do out here on the streets, but it’s probably the closest I’ve ever read. You have done our profession a service and I appreciate you for it.

Here it is, you should read it too: “The Strange Happiness of the Emergency Medic” – Esquire Magazine