A Quilt Made From Patches – Help a brother out.

An old ambulance partner of mine called me up the other day with a favor to ask.

He and I haven’t been on a truck together in a few years, but this guy’s one of the best I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. If Bill asks me a favor, it gets done. He’s good people.

It seems there’s bad news. Bill’s new partner, Noah Filer, an almost-done paramedic student and firefighter with the Durand Fire Department was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident a while back. Unfortunately the news isn’t good. While Noah’s fighting on, he sustained serious, possibly life-altering injuries and will have an exceptionally hard road to recovery in front of him. He’s a young guy, and from all accounts I’ve heard a stand-up guy and a good person with a lot of potential in front of him. I don’t know Noah personally, but a good many of my friends do and if Bill vouches for him, he’s a friend of mine as well.

Noah’s friends and family are making him a quilt made of fire patches and have been asking departments to send patches to his fire department for this purpose. Bill has asked me to help spread the word and ask you to send in your patch and patches from your area so they can be incorporated into the quilt. I’m happy to ask you to do so. Noah’s family loves the idea and his fire/EMS friends are stepping in to make this a reality. I’m asking you to do the same.

Here’s what I’d like you to do:

  1. Get an extra patch from your Fire Department, Police Department, EMS agency, or any public-safety entity that you are a member of or can get your hands on. Send one of your patches and grab a few from your surrounding agencies. Anything will help.
  2. Send the patches to the following address BEFORE MAY 12th, 2012.

Durand Fire Department

P.O. Box 185

Durand, IL 61024

  1. Help us spread the word. If you’re an EMS blogger, would you mind posting up a link to this post or making a post of your own asking your readers to do the same? Would you mind posting this link on your Facebook or Twitter accounts? Would you ask your other Fire/EMS friends to send in a patch or to give you one that you could send in?

I’d really appreciate it. You’re helping out a good cause for a good guy. Trust me, if Bill vouches for him, I do too. I’m sending in all the patches I can grab for the guy and you should to. Please. Both he and his family and friends will really appreciate it.

Thank you.

You can read more about Noah’s story on his CaringBridge web site. It would be nice for his family if you’d send some well-wishes in the form of writing a short note in his guestbook as well.

Bill wrote about his feelings in the guestbook. If you don’t believe that you should send in a patch… read this, you will:

“Dear Noah,

Well it has taken me a week to find the words to write you. You have been my partner on the ambulance since September 2008. Since that time we have spent a third of our lives together. Sometimes you are like a brother to me and other times you are like a son to me but you have always been family to me. Coming to work since your accident is challenging. All of us come in and do our jobs, but there is no laughter, no fun anymore. We all ask each other "how are you" and we all answer each other "I'm ok". But, we're not. This station is empty without you. I worked up the courage to peek inside your locker today to see if there was anything your folks or Jenny would want. I burst into tears and closed the door. I swear kid I've never cried so much in my life as I have in this last week. You have touched so many lives and I know for a fact that there is people walking the Earth today due to some of your actions. You are a hero. Maybe I didn't tell you that very much before, but you need to know that. I had a new fella come and work with me today. He is a great guy, and like you, one with a promising future. But, HE IS NOT YOU. Some days I can eat, some days I can't. Sometimes I can sleep, other times I can't. I just want you to wake up and say Hi, that would make things so much better. I have visited with your Jenny and your Folks several times this week, and I hope they know they can count on me if they need anything. We are all hurting and only you can make us feel better. So keep fighting my friend! I know you can beat this.

I will be waiting as long as it takes for you to get better.


Your friend,
Bill Scheider

Come on y’all, help a brother out.

  • Joetnymedic

    You hang in there and kick some ass my friend. Patches are on the way with a little something else for you too. We’re all one big family and we’re there for ya. Bill, Thanks for putting this out there and I forwarded to all of my former partners and co-workers also and I know they’ll help out too. CT and NY are pulling for you Noah. I also enclosed my conntact info, I don’t care what time day or night if you guys need me I’ll be there.


  • I’ve got a few here i’ll be sending your way!

  • Fireman_emt

    Patches are on the way from Mason Co. Michigan… Thoughts and prayers being sent for all impacted by this!!

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  • Stephen

    I remember going through EMT class with and all the stupid stuff we all would do, and quite a few fire calls too.  You always made the most boring parts of the class fun.  Though I no longer live in Illinois my thoughts and prayers are with you.  There will definitely be some patches coming from the State of North Dakota.  Hang in there Brother, you are a fighter and a HERO.

    Stephen Lawrence

  • Kayla

    Keep hanging in there, buddy!! You are loved by so many and supported by thousands. You are doing an amazing job but you have to keep it up. You are a fighter and you have always been a fighter!! I’ll never forget all the times we had riding the school bus together from young ages to all the times in school. You have always been there for anyone who needed help and now it’s all our turn to be there for you. Keep fighting buddy!! I’m trying to make plans to come see you again!! Hopefully you’re awake this time!! Love ya buddy!! Fight to live, live to fight!!

  • Willrob41

    Patches are on the way from Tyler Texas. I don’t know the person who these are for, that don’t matter. He ia a part of our large EMS and Firefighter family, and when one of our family needs help we need to pull together. I truly hope for a speedy recovery and willl also be sending prayers as well. God bless you and keep you during this time.

  • Cindy and Walter

    Wishing you a successful recovery.  It is always just one step at time.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Best wishes to you from our emergency services family from Ontario, Canada.

  • Clpvfd

    Patch from Conneaut Lake Park VFD in the mail for you today! You all will be in our thoughts and prayers!

  • Jose Olivencia

    I have a good friend who lives in Durand. That will hand deliver a package to your Fire Department. containing a few patches. Good luck with your project.

  • Jerryemt

    A Brotherhood that knows no boundaries…. patches from Calgary Alberta ! Get well, we are cheering for your recovery!!!

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  • Mike Walters

    I have collected about a dozen patches and they are in the mail.

  • D P Dennis

    Brothers are we all. We are that thin line be it red or blue occasionally it turns a bit of both not quite red not quite blue. From brothers in NYC a few patches you will see. Remember one foot in front of the other with your head held high, if you stumble reach out and one of us your brothers and sisters will be there to grab onto and pull you through. We’ll do it because that’s what we do.

  • Even though there weren’t many, I pulled all of the patches from my personal collection and am sending them to you.  They’ll serve a much better purpose now and I hope that they help brighten Noah’s days ahead.  Keep the fight going Noah! 

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  • Ellen

    Did this quilt get done? Is there a picture? I am trying to collect patches to make my Autistic grandson a quilt. He loves everything fire dept. and EMS related.

  • Brenda

    I just came across this site. A fireman friend of mine asked me to make a quilt with the patches he collected…to leave for his son – also a firefighter. It seems this is the place to find caring spirits and not knowing of Noah and his story,…I feel reservation of asking of him…. a much more important task than figuring out a quilt. Bless you for all you do!!!