Tragedy Strikes Rockford


UPDATE: Memorial Fund Established –

I have some exceptionally sad news to report this morning.

On December 10th, 2012 around 8:30pm the REACT medical helicopter out of Rockford (IL) Memorial Hospital crashed into a field near Compton, IL. The crew was en route to a hospital in Mendota, IL to pick up a patient.

Tragically, the pilot and both flight nurses on board were killed in the crash.

I don’t know any more about the story than the local news sites do, so please go read about the details on their pages. Here are some links:

I don’t usually report on line of duty deaths on the blog. There are too many of them and I can’t say anything helpful. Losing any brother or sister anywhere is tragic. To some extent, everyone in our EMS family feels it when it happens. Losing our society’s heroes to tragic accidents like this one is senseless. It feels wrong because it is wrong. People who dedicate their lives to doing the right thing and helping others shouldn’t die just because they grew up to be heroes. It’s not fair and it never will be.

It’s time to mourn the heroes who died just doing what they do. It’s time to support the children who lost their parents and to step up to ease the suffering of those whose lives were irreparably changed. Please forgive my lack of eloquence, but I don’t have the words to express the sadness and grief that has stricken our local EMS community and our community as a whole over this horrific accident.

This happened yesterday and I’m writing today to tell you this: Think safety. Cut back on the risks you take while you are out there just doing what you do. Be safe every minute of every day. Think about coming back home after every call. Wear your seatbelts. Wear your PPE the right way. Actually wear your PPE. Don’t take risks that aren’t worth taking. We all know things happen that are beyond anyone’s control and we all know that we accept an amount of risk in this profession. We all get that. However, let’s all work to make that amount of risk the absolute least it can be. I don’t want to read about any more tragic deaths. We’ve had too many. We all need to take responsibility and make it stop.

I’ll be posting information on memorial services and/or things that the public can do to show our respects on the LUTL Facebook page as I become aware of them.

Be safe.

UPDATE: Memorial Fund Established –


  • Dsrowland

    Tragic loss of fine people. R.I.P.