Rockford REACT Crew Memorial Fund

As you may know, the REACT medical helicopter out of Rockford (IL) Memorial Hospital recently crashed, tragically ending the lives of the three heroes aboard. It’s a tragedy that has profoundly affected the local healthcare and EMS communities. The grief has been palpable and has been expressed far and wide from many communities in Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and beyond. When some of our own are injured or killed while they’re out there just doing what they do it affects us all. We all feel it because EMS is a family. When a tragedy like this one strikes our natural reaction is to want to do something for those directly affected by it. We want to help in any way we can, even by doing something small if it’s worthwhile.

Here’s how you can do just that. The Rockford Memorial Development Foundation has started a fund for the families of the crewmembers killed in the crash. They’re calling it the REACT fund. I have spoken with their foundation and they state that the plans for the fund are to give the total amount collected directly to the families of the three crewmembers, split equally into thirds.

And it’s Christmas and all of the crewmembers have families and kids who will be missing them greatly. I can’t describe how this fund or your support will help them because I don’t know them, but I do know that right now they need to know their loved ones are being cared about by our wider EMS family. They should know that we care about them too, and that their loved ones will be remembered. They need our support and I want you to help see to it that it gets to them.

This is a worthwhile way where the small support from individuals in our EMS family can add up to a big outpouring of care and comfort from all of us. I’ve seen what we can do when we all get together to help our own and now is the time to do that again.

All donations will go through the Rockford Memorial Development Foundation. They have set up a website here: – There is a link on the page where you can donate online in whatever amount you choose, whether it’s $5 dollars or $500 dollars. It’s a worthwhile way to let some deserving family members know that the wider EMS community supports our fallen heroes. Let’s all show them that we care.

I’m also asking all of you who read this to share the web link and the information above through your agencies, networks, and social media friends. I’ve seen the readers of EMS blogs pull together before and I’m asking us to do it again. You can share this page directly, or share the direct link to the Rockford Memorial Development Foundation REACT fund page.

Here’s that link again:

Be safe out there.