Link: Where Should Special Needs Kids be Special? – Autism Awareness in the Community

I just read an excellent article at by Amy S.F. Lutz, a crusader for the rights of the disabled in the community. Now you, as either an EMS provider or fellow human being in society should read it too.

The article deals with the sometimes uncomfortable issue of the behaviors that manifest themselves in public from persons with Autism and the reactions by others to them, which as some of you know has become an issue near to my heart as I've been blessed with raising a stepson with special-needs and a very-similar-to-me stepdaughter (The poor girl).

Helping to raise these two wonderful children each with their own unique strengths has taught me a lot about what it means to be a man and an EMS provider. I've learned so much yet discovered I know so little.

Read the article. Every EMS provider needs to learn about this world so we can help make it more inclusive for everyone.

"Where Should Special Needs Kids be Special?" –

  • Mick Mayers


    I have posted about it a few times, but sometimes it gets lost in all the other stuff, but you might not have known that I have three daughters, one of who has Down syndrome. While Caroline is an incredible joy, she, as all children, has her moments. I laugh to myself sometimes when people say (generalizing, but in a good spirited way) how “sweet” and “happy” people with Down syndrome are. While our “Sweet Caroline” is that way most of the time, when she is going toe-to-toe with her sisters, I realize how more alike she is than different.

    We have and I’m sure will continue to have, uncomfortable moments. And while Caroline is doing very well for herself, she has a long road ahead of her. But honestly, when I see her face and I am amazed at some of her accomplishments, it gives me a much better appreciation for who I am as a father and human being, and I can’t even think about it being any other way.

    Thanks for sharing.