Ambulance Roll-Over in Milwaukee – To my friends at MedaCare

FIregeezer popped up today with this unfortunate story out of Milwaukee, WI: Ambulance Roll-Over in Milwaukee

I read the story and saw that the ambulance was from MedaCare ambulance, which is a good service out that way where a few friends of mine work taking care of the good citizens of the City of Cheddar and Beer.

The story didn't say if anyone was hurt in the incident, so I don't know, but here's hoping that everyone is ok and that any needed recovery happens quickly. We stand with our own here in Wisconsin. The state has an EMS brother/sisterhood that should make other states jealous.

Best wishes to y'all over there at MedaCare. Keep fighting the good fight.


  • Yes, best wishes.

    Also the City of the Lakefront Marathon, Al’s Run, Summerfest, your Milwaukee Admirals, and much more than just “beer and cheese”

    • Ckemtp

      Yep, a city like Milwaukee has to play itself up a lot when it keeps having to play second fiddle to Chicago.

  • Garrett Wisher

    Admirals? I thought that was Norfolk?

  • Angela Kelley

    I worked pretty close with so easy of the crews of Medacare. .