April 2nd, 2013 – Review of Yesterday’s “News”


Yesterday I got a little carried away and put up what I believe a record number of articles posted in a single day. I wrote five hard-hitting, fact-filled pieces of “reporterage” that were examples of the hard-hitting journalism that hits close to home that you in no way have reason to have come to expect from me.

The fact that it was April 1st, 2013 has nothing to do with it as I maintain that most of these stories have at least some grains of truth to them.

Here they are:

·         SeekerCenter: An Option for the Pharmaceutically Denied

·         A Weighty Protocol Change

·         Right In the Nick of Time: Patient Saves his Paramedic

·         Who Needs them Paragods?

·         Paramedic Honored for Inaction in Local Ceremony

Of course, I wasn’t the only one posting about the “news” of the day, a few other bloggers got in on the action. Ambodriver broke the story of Detroit, who tried to privatize their EMS and got no takers as well as Facebook’s new EMS app.

Mick Meyers from Firehouse Zen wrote a serious reaction to a fictional piece written in The Onion about a line of duty death that asked “Are We off Limits?”

Probably EMS1.com took the cake though, with their factual article: Groundbreaking Research – Experts conclude EMS is Unneccessary

I stopped posting on my site when another blogger messaged me to tell me that I “sure was trying hard” that day and I didn’t tell you the story of the ambulance service that… Well, maybe I’ll save that idea for later. Anyway, enjoy this clip show. If you didn’t learn about the stuff in these articles, then you didn’t learn the news of the day.

Thanks for reading! I think for the rest of the month I’ll leave the funny stuff to my buddy Rescue Joe over at RescueHumor.com


  • firefighter zero

    I feel so silly now. You totally Mr. Miyagi-ed my backside. I took the stories for face value until I looked at the posts in the list form you provided and realized the stories are commentaries on issues facing the service today. Well done sir.