EMS Autism Awareness Shirts – Ends March 17th, 2014

One of the perks of having the blog is that I get to promote good causes. Of course, I couldn’t possibly support all of the good causes that I get asked to support as it would quite literally take up all of my time, but every now and then I see something that I think is an exceptionally neat idea.

And today I’d like to tell you about one of those neat ideas that happens to support a cause that is near and dear to me.

A-Tech Ambulance Inc., a critical care transport provider located in the Chicagoland area is sponsoring T-Shirt and sweat shirt sales for EMS autism awareness. The shirts come in all sizes, both long and short sleeve. Our friends at A-Tec are raising funds to help local families defray the costs of treatment for their children on the autism spectrum. They say that all proceeds will go directly to the families and that the company will be donating $5.00 for every shirt sold up to a maximum of $3000

I’ll be ordering four, one for each member of the family. I’m happy to help support a cause that is so near and dear, as I am a proud step-father of a kid who is on the spectrum. EMS providers need to educate themselves about Autism and its many manifestations in order to help care for these special kids and adults in their time of need. As a parent of a kid on the spectrum, I can tell you first hand just how the prospect of seeking emergency care for my lil’ guy raises my anxiety through the roof. As an EMS provider, I can tell you that we aren’t trained well enough in this challenging area yet.

You can order the shirts directly online through A-Tec’s webpage. The link is here: A-Tec Ambulance Autism Awareness. There is an e-mail address there on the page for a guy you can contact for more information.

Don’t let me down, y’all. I’d really like to see these things fly off the shelves. If you’re planning on buying an EMS-related T-shirt this year, you could do much worse than buying this one. It’s classy, doesn’t have any silly phrases or flaming skulls on it, and shows that you care for patients who need us to care a little extra for them.

Let’s help out a good cause: SALES END ON MARCH 17th 2014

A-Tech Ambulance’s Facebook Page

Also, if you’re a paramedic or EMT in the Chicagoland area – I hear that A-Tec is hiring.

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  • Susan Williams Tinkes

    My son Alex is Autistic and it has been an emotion ride for us. I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful lady through my work that has changed our lives. She and one of her Therapist has been working with Alex for over two years now and it has helped him great and us. She not only taught him, but she has taught us how to help him. He is an amazing boy and I no longer worry about his future, I know now that he is going to just fine. We are truly blessed to have these ladies in our lives and Alex loves them. But with out Fundraisers such as these we would not be able to continue his Therapy. So please help us and other like us to make our children ready to stand on their own. Thank you, Susan

  • Crissy, Dallas Medic

    So glad I saw this! Ordering one now!

  • Nicole

    sucks I didnt see it on time 🙁