A Big Announcement for EMS 2.0!

March 20th, 2014 was a big day for the EMS 2.0 movement.

On that day, the EMS 2.0 Facebook Page received a message from not one, but two US EMS services asking the leaders of the EMS 2.0 movement to step in and “finally figure out what the heck we should be doing with those ambulances we got.”

In a letter addressed to “Those guys who started that EMS 2.0 thing” under the subject line of “If you’re so smart, YOU figure it out.” Both the upper echelons from the Detroit, MI and the Washington, DC EMS departments respectively asked Justin “The Happy Medic” Schorr who is widely considered to be the father of EMS 2.0, as well as yours truly, Chris Kaiser, EMS 2.0’s weird uncle, to step into the lead of the nation’s arguably most-troubled ambulance systems.

“We try, and we try, and we try…” the letter states, “but every day we see more and more bad press coming from the local and national press. It seems that no matter what we do we just can’t get things turned around.”

One of the chiefs even acknowledged the hard-working and caring employees of his service by saying “A lot of our guys read EMS blogs and are trying innovative things out there in the field. One guy (in Detroit) even gave a cold, homeless guy a blanket one day… Of course we then had to discipline him for violating policy, but still.”

The Chief of DC FEMS even offered to increase the 2014-2015 budget earmark for “improving EMS service” by 137%

However, even with the $137 dollars that DC said we could spend, ultimately Justin “The Happy Medic” Schorr decided to join on to the Detroit EMS force, which he has announced today on his blog.

With Justin at the helm of the new Detroit Unified Healthcare System (DUHs), that leaves Life Under The Lights considering whether or not to step in the lead role in Washington, DC.

Look for a further update on this big development on the EMS 2.0 front.


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