So You Think You Can EKG?

I have a love/hate relationship with our friend the 12-lead EKG. I tend to obtain a lot of them in the course of my field care, and I’m a regular reader/lurker over at the Prehospital 12-lead EKG blog that our friends Chris and Tom et al write in their spare time. I love them because of how useful they are in our clinical care, and hate them because they’re one of those things that you can never learn enough about.

And while I’ve never been the best there is when it comes to reading a 12-lead, I’ve at least thought I was basically competent. Until today,that is.

Christopher Watford has come up with an exceptional 12-lead EKG test. It’s great and it… kind of kicked my butt today. I’m learning a great deal from it as it analyzes not only your right and wrong answers, but why you may have been right and/or wrong. It’s simple, easy, and relatively painless to take and you really should go take it right now.

Enjoy! Be sure to check out your stats at the end.

McCabe 2013 ECG Assessment

  • Алексей Рукин

    78% accuracy… and I’m not even a medical student, only a blog reader…