Five Thing Friday – #1

Hello! Welcome to my new (hopefully) regularly-recurrent feature I’m calling “Five Thing Friday” or “5TF” for the cool kids. (Hopefully) Every Friday I’ll be posting 5 interesting articles, videos, or other “things” that I think are cool, interesting, or just plain good for y’all to see. You may read them at your leisure.

Here’s hoping that my definition of “cool” meets your own particular definition.


  1. “Negligence for Dummies” – The Ambulance Chaser – One of our favorite Lawyer-turned-Paramedic-But-Still-A-Lawyer-Too, the Ambulance Chaser has written a quick primer on the things needed to prove a case of negligence against an EMS provider. It’s a good read and a good reminder that will help you participate more meaningfully in conversations with all of those people who only play lawyers on Facebook.


  1. “Working on the Holiday – A Poem” – My blogger buddy since I’ve been doing this, The Happy Medic came up with this seasonally-appropriate poem the other day while he was cruising around the airport.


  1. Greg Friese name Editor-In-Chief of – Did you hear? The guy who is like, everywhere, in EMS Media is now in even more places. Greg, of and a whole bunch of other EMS fame is now heading up the content at EMS1. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the website evolves. Great Job Greg!


  1. “Roc Rocks and Sux Sucks! Why Rocuronium is the Agent of Choice for RSI” – Over at the collaborative “EMdocs” blog a poster named @EMSwami posted up this good write up comparing Succinylcholine to Rocuronium as used in emergency airway management and RSI. The blog is heavily in to the #FOAMED movement and you should be too.


  1. Have you heard about the Code Green Campaign? This is a movement that seeks to find a solution to one of the saddest issues facing our profession, the issue of EMS provider suicides. We as an industry have seen too many provider suicides and they are a tragedy beyond measure. Read up, speak out, and get involved in the campaign.

The Code Green Campaign #SavingPublicSafety


Do you want to be featured on the next weekly edition of 5TF? Shoot me a message either through here or through the Life Under The Lights Facebook Page and I’ll see about getting your content in the mix.

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