Five Thing Friday – #2

Howdy Folks! Welcome to the second edition of Five Thing Friday, the edition that goes to prove that I can actually follow through with something for more than one week!

I’m surprised too.

As you may have known from last week’s edition, Five Thing Friday, or “5TF” for the cool kids, is five articles that I have read somewhere that I found cool, educational, infuriating, or useful. Luckily these articles aren’t as infuriating as they are positive this time.

Actually, it looks like this week is all about breaking down some bad ideas that have always been based on poor information:

  1. We start out with our friend TOTWTYTR (Too Old to Work, Too Young to Retire) who lets us know that “Everything You Know About EMS is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!” which is unfortunately all too true.


  1. Then, in response to a commenter who asked why he didn’t pick on backboards, TOTWTYTR lets us know that everything about them we know is wrong as well in the follow-up EYKAEMSIWWW “Backboard Edition”


  1. Not to be outdone, our friend Rogue Medic talks about a county EMS service in Florida that no longer believes in magic when it comes to strapping people to plastic.


  1. Changing gears, In another very important challenge to dogma we look at this article from the BBC about a British study that will look at the almost religious practice of giving large doses of epinephrine to people in cardiac arrest by giving a placebo to some of them. My guess is they will find that Epi isn’t helpful, but I’m no scientist.


  1. And finally, in an amazing piece of actual journalism, this article from the East Hampton Star out of East Hampton, NY looks at their local ambulance services and actually makes some sensible recommendations about helping their local EMS providers that aren’t based on bad information spiked with silly emotion. Bravo.

Thanks a ton, y’all. Look for next week’s 5TF. As always, if you’re interested in submitting content or in having your own content featured, send me a message on the Life Under the Lights Facebook Page and I’ll see about getting you in.