Meet Ckemtp

My name is Chris Kaiser and I am a Firefighter and EMS Professional.

I am a Paramedic working to advance the profession that I love into what it deserves to be. This blog is about shaping EMS for the future. It is about Professionalism, Pride, and Honor. EMS is a young profession at the cusp of some fantastic change. It has come a long way during its history but still has a long way to go. Together we can make it into what we want it to be. It is time for EMTs and Paramedics to stand up, remake our industry, and carry our profession forth into the future. Together we can build upon the successes of the past and of those who have come before us and improve our service to our patients and to society.

I feel strongly about EMS because of my desire to help people. Yes, it sounds almost cliche, but I think that EMS is essential to our society. Think about it, just about three short decades ago our profession was just a bunch of ambulance drivers rocketing around in barely modified hearses. Since then, we've evolved to a point where mothers will literally throw their sick children into our arms simply because we wear a star-of-life on our shoulder. You may feel that the public doesn't always appreciate us but they sure know who the first people they want to see are when the unthinkable happens. EMS people have earned a lot, but we've got a long way to go.

I'm not perfect, but I care about EMS a great deal. I've been in the profession for over a decade. I started as a volunteer firefighter and a volunteer EMT and have been hooked ever since my first Boy Scout First Aid class. I'm facinated by the human body and humbled by the priveledge I have gotten to serve my fellow man.

Thank you for coming to read my humble blog. I am deeply appreciative that anyone would spend their time reading me. Please comment, please participate in the ideas. Together, we can take control of EMS and make it into what we know it can be.