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If you’ve been following this blog for more than a few moments, you’ve probably realized that I’m a tad opinionated. You’ve also probably realized that I’ve got a lot to say about EMS and Fire related topics. Sure, I’ll always have new and (hopefully) interesting content popping up on the pages of this blog, but not everything I say makes it here. I’ve been featured as a guest and have also participated in some very cool podcasts and even a TV show. I’ll update this page from time-to-time with my most recent appearances. Pop in to have a listen and support the other guys out there. There’s a lot of entertaining stuff to learn.

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Here are some of the places I’ve been. I’ll update this list as needed. Please support these awesome people who have had the foresight to have yours truly in their stuff.

The Chronicles of EMS

Considered by many to be “The Face of EMS 2.0”, the Chronicles of EMS is television show/videocast pioneered by three upcoming titans in EMS media and current paramedics, Justin Schorr (The Happy Medic), Mark Glencourse (UkMedic999), and Thaddeus Setla (@setla). This show shows an international pair of paramedics that ride together and evaluate EMS systems (hopefully soon to be) world-wide to expose the challenges and successes facing those services. They have the reality show, which can be found at Http:// and also have “Chronicles of EMS – A Seat at the Table” which is a roundtable discussion of various EMS issues. I have participated in two “A Seat at the Table” episodes so far, and they can be found here.

–          CoEMS – AsatT – “EMS 2.0 and EMS based EMS” – Part 2 here

–          CoEMS – “Social Media and EMS” (Coming Soon)

Be Sure also to check out all of the other stuff coming out at the #CoEMS site

The Firefighter Netcast

A collaboration between two of the coolest fire bloggers out there on the interwebs, the FireFighter Netcast (Http:// is a monthly podcast focusing on firefighters, firefighting, and fun. Rhett Fleitz the genius behind The blog and John Mitchell the also genius who writes the blog and news site have partnered to bring you lively discussion concerning the latest issues concerning the Fire Service today. Check their website for show times to listen and participate in the live broadcasts and look for the podcasts on iTunes.

–          Old School Vs. New School and Social Media – The Firefighter Netcast 2/4/10

Show my fellow bloggers some love and head on over. It’s a good time.

The EMS Garage

For a few years now, Chris Monterra and his geeky crew have been putting out one of the finest quality EMS talk shows out there. Every week, he and his guests solve the biggest problems facing EMS, share some laughs, and drink some coffee as well. I’ve been on the show a few times and I’ve always enjoyed listening to it. I’ve learned quite a bit from the guests and excellent conversations they’ve had. That, and it’s frankly a hoot to hear how much fun everyone’s having when they’re on there.

–          “Happy Hour” EMS Garage Episode #73

–          “Pictures From a Truck Stop” EMS Garage Episode #72

–          “Dr Wesley vs. the Bloggers” EMS Garage Episode #65

I’ll be sure to update this page as more things come up. Always remember, I love it when people come up to me at live appearances (Such as the EMS Today Conference!), Friend me on Facebook, and Follow Me on Twitter! Be sure you do so, you’ll make my day!