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Another Picture Not to Believe – On The Soul of EMS

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I’d like to talk about our culture as a profession and the “soul” of EMS. A while ago, I wrote a post entitled “An EMS Rant: Don’t Believe this Picture” which ended up being one of my most popular posts ever. In the first day it was up it garnered over 11,000 readers and has […]

Head Injuries with a Twist – JEMS Case of the Month

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For you EMS Types out there, there’s a new “Case of the Month” up on the JEMS website, as well as in print in this month’s issue. It deals with head injuries mixed with other stuff. You might recognize the author. Oh, and if you find a printed copy, mail it to me, and enclose […]

The Normal Saline Shortage and the ALS Mindset

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In case you haven’t heard, the United States is running short of slightly salty water. Specifically we’re having an unprecedented shortage of 0.9% normal saline solution, the kind that is used as the most common intravenous fluid in every form of healthcare that puts needles into people’s veins. I don’t really know the reasons why […]

Some More Help on Writing EMS Narrative Reports

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Buried down deep in the 450 or some odd blog posts I have on this site, you’ll find a few that cover how to write an EMS narrative report. It’s a skill that each and every EMT and Paramedic has to practice and perfect over the course of their careers lest they find themselves without a job, […]

An EMS Rant: Don’t Believe this Picture

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So I saw this picture on Facebook today (Warning: There are some mild swear words in this picture you’re already seeing so I’m warning you that this warning is moot) Don’t believe this picture. I’ve read somewhere that people will believe anything they read from a picture with words on it they see on the […]

EMS 2.0 – The $20 Desk Fan of Healthcare Reform

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Bear with me for a minute here folks. This is long, but important. I’d like to talk for a bit about the EMS 2.0 movement and US healthcare reform, a subject that I haven’t brought up for a while but that is still very important. EMS 2.0 hasn’t slowed down, and you may recognize a […]

An Easy Trick for Remembering the Glasgow Coma Scale

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Want to remember a quick and easy trick for remembering the Glasgow Coma Scale? “My Extra Value Meal costs $4.56” -          Eyes: 1-4 -          Verbal 1-5 -          Motor 1-6 You can always remember the top numbers of the scale by using this mnemonic, whether or not you actually remember the details of the numbers in […]

The Natural Alignment Movement – Freedom of Choice from the Orthopedic Conspiracy

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When Paramedic Christopher Downdike responded to a seemingly routine ambulance call the other afternoon, he never expected he would be coming face to face with a national movement made up of people who say they’re fighting for the health of their children and for their rights as parents to choose the medical care they feel […]

The “Pump It!” Study Seeks to Prove Effectiveness of Chest Compressions in Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

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April 1st, 2014 – Emporia, AR. The members of the Emporia (AR) EMS agency (EEA) will soon be participating in a potentially groundbreaking study to prove the effectiveness of CPR in patients suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest. Dubbed the “Pump It!” study, patients who are found to be suffering from Out of Hospital Cardiac […]

Hospital-Based… Firefighters?

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I came across this article out there on a public safety news site… could it be that a hospital is taking over a fire department? St. Phillip Neri Hospital to Assume Fire Service Operations in August 2014 —————————— Looking for other Recent, Hard-Hitting, Fact-Filled EMS news? -          Neighboring Ambulance Service Finally Admits to Being “A […]

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