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I can’t believe I missed this one

Our friend TOTWTYTR posted up this latest one on EMS 2.0 entitled “Ten Tools that Basic EMTs Need”. It ties in some skills that he thinks should be pushed down to the EMT-Basic level. Most of these things are good ideas, and I really like the one about the education, but then again I would. […]

Shoutout to JEMS and Dr. Wesley – Everyone should read this

If you’ve got a pulse and an EMT card, you need to read this article from Go read it. Go now. Here’s the link. Go.

A Motivational EMS Article Geared towards Newer EMTs

This is a motivational piece geared towards new EMTs that I wrote for a department’s monthly newsletter. Feel free to steal it to inspire your own troops.

Patient Handoffs from EMS to the ER, a Fictional Case Study (not a rant)

Entry Img

I made up a scenario about the handover of care from EMS to ER staff. I ranted a bit… but I’m sure that there’s NEVER any problems like the one I MADE UP here. Any ER nurses out there want to comment?

The Project is coming and I’m Helping

Hey, UK medics. What’s that? Awful quiet over there. This is my contribution to The Project that my buddies The Happy Medic and Medic999 are cooking up. Here’s hoping that US EMS isn’t too Intense for our British friend.

Some Blog Housekeeping Stuff

Howdy everyone! Just Ckemtp with some generic blog housekeeping stuff for the regular readers

Dear State of Illinois EMS…

State of Illinois EMS… We have to have a little talk. Can we save our relationship?

Something I found in the Iowa State EMS Protocols

This is an excerpt from the newly released State of Iowa Statewide EMS protocols that I’d like to bring to the attention of the EMS blogosphere. Bravo to the State of Iowa for giving us the tools to improve the profession!

Sunday Randomness – Some EMS Pet Peeves

My Sunday Randomness seems to have devolved into a rant about some of my pet peeves in EMS. There’s some old crusty complaints in there, I know… but every dang one of them will improve your care.

EMS 2.0 – What are our Core Beliefs?

What are the core beliefs for EMS 2.0? This is an “Audience participation” post. How much momentum can we build?

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