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Working on the Big Change

Sorry I’ve been so quiet over the last couple of days, but I’ve had my hands full with the upcoming move. As a handful of other EMS and Fire Bloggers, including my buddies Happy and Medic999, we’ve joined in on a new blog network. I’ll be getting a ton of new features, easier content navigation, […]

Remember the time when?

I got my butt kicked on shift last night. Back to back calls from 2pm to 2:30am. Nothing really exciting, two STEMIs though. I got to brush up on my 12-lead skills and one of them was at an honest-to-goodness chocolate factory. Ever had those little chocolate mints that have a strip of mint sandwiched […]

Ckemtp requesting assistance!

Howdy everyone! There’s something on the wind here these days at Life Under the Lights. Change is coming. Something big. Something Wild. Heck, Something Huge! And I need your help! While I can intubate two patients with my toes while performing a pericardiocentesis with one hand tied behind my back and decompressing a chest with […]

Two things – Want to see what I look like? and a great article too$7057 Thom Dick is my hero. If you’ve never read the above article that he got published in EMS Magazine, you really should. I read it once. Then I started a blog. My picture is in this piece. I’m the red head, under the lights.

System “Abusers”? Frequent Fliers

It looks like I touched a very obvious nerve with my last post on frequent fliers: Someone Failed… Is it the System? – Everyday EMS Ethics – Every EMS person, and almost every healthcare provider is faced with the problem of the frequent flier… someone who, for whatever reason, consumes more time, energy, and resources […]

Someone Failed… Is it the System? Everyday EMS Ethics

A tempestuous night is blowing outside the station walls. The cold night air is stirred wildly, blowing splatterings of rain against the glass window of my bedroom. The wind howls through the trees conjuring up fantastic images of the disturbed environs of the world outside my bunk room. Having gone to bed early, I cannot […]

Hey NBC! I watched “Trauma” (Post #2)

Ok, so the first post was pretty reactionary. I’m right about the medical aspect of the show though. I don’t know who your paramedic technical consultant is… but me thinks if he was really good at what he did there would be NO WAY that you would make such eggregious mistakes ON THE PREMIER EPISODE! […]

Dear NBC – Yes, I’m watching Trauma

Um… dang it. Hows come EVERY media representation of EMS shows us as either incompetent idiots, or complete asses? I don’t know why I thought that this show would be any different. Really? “He was in the Iraq war. He’s on anti-anxiety meds. Let’s give this guy WHO WE’VE BEEN GIVING EPI TO and DEFIBBING […]

EMS 2.0, Bernoulli, Fluid Dynamics, and Changing the World

Today the Boy was playing with one of the junk mail “newspapers” that we get involuntarily delivered to our home when I thought of a way to actually make it useful. I tore off a long, narrow piece of it and made him a Bernoulli strip to play with. For those of you who don’t […]

BREAKING NEWS – This just in!!

Lumo from My Life in A&E is a girl. A crack team of researchers working around the clock has determined that Lumo is indeed a female (and we’re told that she’s an aesthetically pleasing one, as well) and that all rumors, or comments describing her Handover contributions that refer to her in the masculine are false. […]

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