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I’ve been struggling trying to come up with a proper post for this month’s edition of “The Handover” Blog carnival. The theme, this month, is “Communication” and since communication is so essential to EMS, I’ve been starting and stopping posts as my ADD has reared its ugly head and kept popping new and better ideas […]

Video – Rockford, Illinois – Train derails and explodes during severe thunderstorm

June 19th, 2009 – Rockford, IL So last night, I was working my ambulance job in Wisconsin and MISSED THIS. My Illinois Fire Department sent an engine and a chief through the MABAS system who are still there. I don’t have all the details, but apparently a severe thunderstorm washed out railroad tracks which caused […]

A very cool site

Want to learn something? This site: Http:// is the flavor of CPR I do. I’ve been getting some real “Kick the Grim Reaper in the Balls” saves with it. You should read about it too.

Hey, UK people, Explain this for me

This link – is to a story that I just found coming out of the UK. It’s about a young, single mother who “did not know that she was pregnant for 27 weeks”. The story is about the UK social services (and I don’t know how your governmental divisions work over there) taking the young […]

“In Their Eyes” – From Guest Author – Randy Lovelace EMT-B

… We’re an anomaly, our small-but-proud department. We’ve got a fanatically devoted, passionate group of highly trained volunteer firefighters and EMTs that provide the best possible service to our citizens…

CPR Fail – Shout out to Ambulancedriverfiles Kelly, over at Ambulancedriverfiles, has an interesting post. Like me, he uses Sitemeter to trak how many hits he gets, how those hits get to his site, and even the search terms in google that get people to him. He got the one that you saw up there. Look at the Google search words. […]

I Don’t tweet, but this is cool This is a link to a story on how Twitter and the Internet communication services are blasting through censorship. I like it. I wonder if people could tweet their calls, making it like a scanner… Hmmm

More on Socialized Medicine, the US State Run Media, and um.. just wow Ok, I read Drudge. For those of you who don’t, you should read this. Oh, and Happy Medic and Medic999 have AWESOME NEWS

Heh heh heh – CNN fail – heh heh heh The um, “twitterverse”? promotes the cnn fail. Yay! This is delicious.

Promoting my boy – Medic999

Medic999, over at his UK EMS blog – – just put on a comment promoting a podcast he participated (It’s ok bud, promote away anytime) It’s over at and I thought that it deserved it’s own main post. The podcast has some big names on it, including: Chris MonteraThom Dick – The guy […]

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