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Scenarios. A lot of EMS, a little Einstein

A while back ago I had a kick where I did a scenario-based EMS ethics piece that took a look at a possible situation that could be faced by some Paramedics and asked readers what they would do in that case. The response was pretty good. You should add your opinion here. I use a […]

Alternative Circulatory Access Strategies – Hi Ho IO

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A while back ago, Steve over at wrote a great post on Gaining IV Access. In the post, he’s got some great strategies for getting your IV starts every time. But, as we all know, sometimes you just can’t get the darn catheter to go into that tiny vein for whatever reason. Try as […]

Moved to Tears

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Note: I wrote this to commemorate 9-11 last year… I wanted to post something new but I thought that this was still appropriate. Never Forget —————————————————–  I woke up this morning to just another day. I’m not proud of it, but I have to admit it. Yes, I know what day it is. I know […]

EMS Trendsetters Conference 2009

Entry Img Are you an EMS Person? Are you involved in Emergency Medicine? Are you an EMT, a Paramedic, a Nurse, a Doctor, a “something medical”? Are you interested in high quality continuing education provided in a fun and cool environment by top quality, national speakers? You are? I thought so. See, I know my audience […]

Inside View: A conversation between my conscious and sub-conscious mind

Conscious Mind (CM): “Hey SC (Sub-Conscious mind), I can’t really comprehend the horror of what I’m seeing here” SC: “Well, whattaya want me to do about it?” CM: “Oh, I dunno, usually you make light of things for me so it’s not so painful to look at… got any jokes?” SC: “No man, not this […]

New Adventures

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This morning was a momentous event in the lives of my family. Gkemtb (my wife) was a little teary-eyed, but there’s no photographic evidence that I was. Today was our little boy’s first day of Kindergarten! (Which is the first year of school here in the states, for my international friends) I don’t usually put […]

Operation FEE Line: Exposing the Deadly Side of Kittens on Emergency Scenes

see more Lolcats and funny pictures Kittens: Deadly minions of the Dark Side, or Cuddly Agents of Evil… You decide. Today, I faced my own mortality in a daring, high-stakes, high-angle rescue. A life was on the line and my truck company was assigned to respond and snatch it from the jaws of death. We […]

UK Healthcare – Could the UK medics give me some perspective here?

You may not know this, unless you’ve read my blog once or twice, but I am a news and politics junkie. I try not to put it on the blog, but occasionally it creeps through. This is one of those posts. I read a lot of different articles and opinions every day. You’ll find me […]

Wow, that takes me back… A paramedic ruminates

The other day I was up at the station having a conversation with one of our firefighters when she described a call where she found that “this guys legs were like, all messed up. They were like every which way and stuff. Gross” Now while I have to give credit to great medical terminology where […]

Socialized Medicine in the US – Everyone! Please read this and LOOK AT THE FREAKING CHART This article is from a congressional newsletter and has information presented by both sides. Please read it. Then e-mail it. Then link to it. Thanks y’all.

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