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Shoutout to EpiJunky

EpiJunkie over at PinkWarmandDry wrote a post summarizing her thoughts and feelings as she watched one of her patients die in front of her during the whole M. Jackson thing. Really, she sums it up exceptionally well. My thoughts on the MJ thing are this. Who cares? People die all the time. Some deserve to […]

Not EMS – Mainstream Media vs. New Media (#45.3455) The mainstream media is whining about the whole, you know, internet thing. You see, apparently citizens posting information on the web beats the speed of which information can be published by journalists. This is a problem for them, because they have built their entire business model on their need for “profitability”. Which I agree […]

Heh heh heh – CNN fail – heh heh heh The um, “twitterverse”? promotes the cnn fail. Yay! This is delicious.