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Alternative Circulatory Access Strategies – Hi Ho IO

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A while back ago, Steve over at wrote a great post on Gaining IV Access. In the post, he’s got some great strategies for getting your IV starts every time. But, as we all know, sometimes you just can’t get the darn catheter to go into that tiny vein for whatever reason. Try as […]

Six Tricks You Can Use Today to Improve Your EMS Narrative Report

Want to nail your EMS narrative report writing every time? Use these Six Tricks and you can craft the perfect EMS run report every time.

Soapy Pictures – The EMS Narrative Report

EMS Narrative reporting is a skill that you must master. Here’s some great information that you need to learn in order to master your EMS narrative report writing.

The Profession that is EMS

(Attention: I edited this post heavily. I think that my ADD was in full effect when I wrote it. It’s better now, I think) The results are in: the bloggers, posters, commentators, columnists, partners, colleagues, and other people even passively involved in EMS have spoken. It seems that EMS ain’t much of a profession these […]

EMS Documentation – EMS Narrative Reporting – Paramedic – EMT – ReportPage

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This post has links to all of my writing on EMS narrative report writing. Want to improve your EMS narratives? Check this out.

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