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Death Rate to Increase in London – and – The Medicare Tomato

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There’s links to three articles here, regarding British Healthcare, US healthcare, politics… and a really good one on tomatos. (yes, really. It’s awesome) Read em’

A Shoutout Across the Pond to our British EMS Bretheren

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We could learn a lot from the British EMS system. Our EMS bretheren in the UK have quite a few things figured out that we’ve been trying to get here in the US. EMS 2.0 anyone?

Swinging a Sledgehammer and Thinking about the UK… Strange times

Good news! I’m embarking on a journey of self discovery! Wait.. no I’m not. I’m doing construction work! Aren’t I supposed to be um, like… doing Paramedic type stuff? Hmmm… what would Mark Glencourse do?

UK Healthcare – Could the UK medics give me some perspective here?

You may not know this, unless you’ve read my blog once or twice, but I am a news and politics junkie. I try not to put it on the blog, but occasionally it creeps through. This is one of those posts. I read a lot of different articles and opinions every day. You’ll find me […]

Hey, UK people, Explain this for me

This link – is to a story that I just found coming out of the UK. It’s about a young, single mother who “did not know that she was pregnant for 27 weeks”. The story is about the UK social services (and I don’t know how your governmental divisions work over there) taking the young […]