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An Easy Trick for Remembering the Glasgow Coma Scale

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Want to remember a quick and easy trick for remembering the Glasgow Coma Scale? My Extra Value Meal costs $4.56 – Eyes: 1-4 – Verbal 1-5 – Motor 1-6 You can always remember the top numbers of the scale by using this mnemonic, whether or not you actually remember the details of the numbers in […]

The Natural Alignment Movement – Freedom of Choice from the Orthopedic Conspiracy

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When Paramedic Christopher Downdike responded to a seemingly routine ambulance call the other afternoon, he never expected he would be coming face to face with a national movement made up of people who say they’re fighting for the health of their children and for their rights as parents to choose the medical care they feel […]

Hospital-Based… Firefighters?

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I came across this article out there on a public safety news site… could it be that a hospital is taking over a fire department? St. Phillip Neri Hospital to Assume Fire Service Operations in August 2014 —————————— Looking for other Recent, Hard-Hitting, Fact-Filled EMS news? -††††††††† Neighboring Ambulance Service Finally Admits to Being ďA […]

Thank You, Boundtree Medical Products – April 1st, 2014

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On this most sacred of EMS holidays, I would like to give a shout-out to Boundtree Medical products, one of the companies my ambulance service uses for EMS supplies. You may remember them from the catalog they send out periodically, the one that weighs enough to give the mail carrier a hernia. That thing is […]

Pediatric Coughing Spell – More than it seems?

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If you’re interested in reading another case study regarding EMS treatment of an unusual episode of coughing and respiratory distress in a pediatric patient, click on over here: Pediatric Coughing Spell Could Be More Than Respiratory Distress – This article just happens to be the “Case of the Month” in the March 2014 issue […]

The Five Second Rule – Six Ways you can Reduce Pauses in Compressions and Save More Lives with CPR

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If you’ve been staying awake in your CPR classes for the last few years, you know that quality chest compressions and defibrillation are the only things proven to actually revive victims of cardiac arrest. Study after study has shown that any time not spent compressing the heart is time generally wasted on otherwise unproductive tasks. […]

EMS Autism Awareness Shirts – Ends March 17th, 2014

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One of the perks of having the blog is that I get to promote good causes. Of course, I couldnít possibly support all of the good causes that I get asked to support as it would quite literally take up all of my time, but every now and then I see something that I think […]

Is It Still There? Hot Topics in Adequate EMS Pain Management

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Itís a little known fact that I can speak a little Spanish. Iím not very good at it, and I have a lot of trouble conjugating verbs into the past and future tenses, but I can carry on a fairly relevant conversation with most Spanish speaking individuals when the need arises. It always throws people […]

Listen for ALL of the Hoof Beats – Aphorisms and Diagnoses in EMS

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Is Occam using a razor to shave Zebras while Hickam dictates? I’m no good at titles. Anywho, here’s a case about a patient that may be more than he seems

April 2nd, 2013 – Review of Yesterday’s “News”

  Yesterday I got a little carried away and put up what I believe a record number of articles posted in a single day. I wrote five hard-hitting, fact-filled pieces of “reporterage” that were examples of the hard-hitting journalism that hits close to home that you in no way have reason to have come to […]

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