What the heck are “Medicpreneurs”?

Well, they’re EMTs, Paramedics, and other EMS oriented people that have started businesses. Medicpreneur = “Medic” and “Entrepreneur”. Get it? Ha!

Yea, so it wasn’t as clever as I thought… but it’s still a great idea. I love encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and I believe that EMS People should use their unique talents to bring forth some great business ventures. Small business has saved the US economy in the past, is carrying the US economy in the present, and will save it again in the future. EMS people have  a lot to offer and I want to encourage that spirit.

The following are links and reviews to medic (or, in some cases, formerly medic) (or just a good friend of mine) owned businesses that I want to help get the word out for. None of these links are paid and I (ok, maybe I will but I’ll tell you if I do… come on, I’m human) won’t accept payment for them. If you want to have your own added, shoot me an e-mail at: or


Irish Dog Bloody Mary Mix (or Http:// – Brought to you by former EMT and personal friend (a former partner of mine, actually) Steve Ducey and his lovely wife Kelly. Irish Dog Bloody Mary Mix is the finished product of his family’s secret recipe. It’s great and I endorse it. It’s also a mix… so I’m Technically not advertising alcohol on an EMS site.

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I am a paramedic trying to advance the idea that the Emergency Medical Services can be made into the profession that we all want it, need it, and know it deserves to be.

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