Assessing Greatness – Catching the stuff you’re supposed to

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling you get when you’ve missed the obvious? Here are some things to think about to help you catch your zebras and be great at patient assessments.

I am not immune

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This is a personal thank you and a word of advice to every EMS person out there. We aren’t immune to what we think we’re immune to.

And to think, I could have had this one…

My twitter peep @MattTheMedic answered my call a while back ago when I asked twitter peeps to help me out in my slump with a guest post or two. In classic me fashion, I totally spaced it and he passed it on over to @medic61. She posted it and I lost my opportunity to have […]

If you could have anything you wanted…

I’ve got a question for all of you EMS types out there… If the sky was the limit, what would you ask for in your protocols? That’s my task that I need your help with.

Take EMS 2.0 and Chronicles of EMS to Work Month!

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Here are the graphics for the “Take EMS 2.0 and Chronicles of EMS to Work Month!” contest. Download em, print em out, and help spread the word to advance our profession.

A Shoutout Across the Pond to our British EMS Bretheren

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We could learn a lot from the British EMS system. Our EMS bretheren in the UK have quite a few things figured out that we’ve been trying to get here in the US. EMS 2.0 anyone?

Those Darn Kids!

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You Darn Kids and your Newfangled whozewhats and your whoop-dee-do’s and your confounded youth! The Old Grizzled Medic(TM) in me takes over for this one… Y’all kids are just chappin my hide!

Announcing a Contest: “Take #CoEMS and EMS 2.0 to Work” Month

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Take EMS 2.0 and the Chronicles of EMS to Work with you! The Happy Medic and I are having a contest and a kind of competition for bragging rights. You should join in. This’ll be awesome!

Primary Care Paramedics? I think it’s time

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One of my big hopes for EMS 2.0 is that one day, your local paramedic will be one of the Gatekeepers to the Emergency Healthcare System, that paramedics will provide primary care, and that our profession could save healthcare. We’ve got a lot to learn, though…

A Late-Night Rant about Petty Politics in EMS

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Tonight, I had a bit of a rant that I let fly… Who am I kidding, it was a full-blown Hissy. I’m tired of the politics in EMS and I’m ranting about it. If I start the change, will you join me?

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