I wanted to put something up about 9-11…

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Never Forget. Never Appease. This is a link to my 9-11-09 post. It’s not new this year… but I don’t think that anything I wrote today could top it. Here’s the link.

Help!! Riddle me this… Quick like!

Do you think that the full-time, paid, professional fire service will continue to be as much as a desirable career goal?

What Difference Does EMS Make? Choose Your Own Ending

I got a little philisophical with this post and I’d like you to pick the ending I should use. What do the three cases I present mean to you?

What are you doing reading THIS?

When you could be reading Happy’s explanation of EMS @.0 over at the Chronicles of EMS website? Go read it. Print it out please, and share it with the world. http://chroniclesofems.com/ems-20.htm Thanks, Happy.

Speeding to the hospital! or.. Nurses: Above the Law

Thanks to Burned Out Medic and the “Cath Lab Digest” I found this little gem. It’s priceless… a nurse actually published her fight against a speeding ticket because her job is too important to be bound by the law?

Link: Tears on her Trauma Shears

Medic trommashear has written her part of the co-post about sadness in EMS. It’s a story that one just can’t help but get choked up over… Just read it: http://lookingthroughapairofpinkhandledtraumashears.com/2010/09/02/teardrops-on-my-trauma-shears/#comment-60

A personal note – Wanna “Like” me?

A few random pieces of blog-related information.

Shining through Suffering – Learning How to Cope with Sadness in EMS

Dealing with the level of sadness we see in EMS isn’t something that comes naturally. It’s a learned skill. Take your time and find your way. We’re all nothing but human.

Too Much Information For a Paramedic?

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Our friend Greg Friese was told that a class he taught was “too much information for a paramedic”. Now there’s three bloggers ranting, good job there, Anonymous Student Evaluation.

Seriously Philadelphia??

This just in from the City of Brotherly Love: http://citypaper.net/articles/2010/08/19/blogging-business-privilege-tax-philadelphia Apparently, they require all small businesses to pay for a $300 “privilege license” in order to operate. Apparently there are no exceptions… so bloggers?? Pony up the three Benjamins or be in some big trouble. I am SO going to rush to Philly and start […]

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