Rural EMS – A Fictional Letter to the Small Town Community

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Rural EMS has it’s challenges, not the least of which are the low pay and long hours. I believe that the lives of those in the sticks are just as important as the lives of those in the city and that rural folk need paramedics too. This is a fictional letter with a very real message.

A link every EMS person should read, Especially new Medics

Every now and then (Ok, a lot) I read something and say “Man, I wish I’d written that”. This isn’t one of those. This is one of those things that far exceeds my writing prowess. This is an open Paramedic Class Commencement speech written by David J. Givot, a Paramedic and Attorney. It is an […]

Master Paramedics? I’m asking you a question

I have a question for all of you readers out there. Trade Unions have always honored their best and most experienced members by bestowing the title of “Master”. How would we in the Profession of EMS honor our own Masters?

EMS 2.0 as Explained to My Brother

I had a good conversation with my brother the other day. We talked about this “blogging” stuff I do and the topic turned to EMS 2.0. Guess what he wants me to do?

In an Instant

This is a therapy session for me. An incident that happend to me years ago has been haunting my mind lately and I thought writing it down would help. Spoiler alert: The kid dies at the end.

A Short Exploration of our Perception Problems.. IE wtf

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In a departure from my usual, more cerebral stuff about kneeling in poo.. I give you pop culture + ambulance stuff.

Comfort from a Nurse during EMS week

A shoutout to @seejanenurse – a blogger of the nursing persuasion that wrote a great post honoring EMS week. You should read it.

EMS Week – Letter to the Editor (2010 version)

This is another in my series of Letters that you may send to your local newspaper to help spread the word of EMS week. This one may be modified to fit your individual needs.

EMS Week – Introducing EMS to the Public. Spread the word

This is another in my series of posts that you may send as a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and/or put in for publication on your site to use my words to help spread the message of EMS week. You may use this freely, but please keep it intact

EMS Week 2010 – Sent to the Newspaper

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I wrote this piece in honor of EMS week 2010 and sent it to my local newspaper. You might want to do the same. This is appropriate for the public and you may use it as you see fit.

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