Any Random Person

Hey, I could do that ALS stuff. Any Random Person could do some of that stuff. Right? Well, I counter that it takes a VERY SPECIAL KIND of random person to be a good ALS provider.

3am with Ckemtp – (See Gus? I can do that too)

It’s midnight, I have to be up and out the door at 3am to fly out to EMS today at 6am. I’m excited, but it’s cold and Mama Juggs keeps setting off the tones.. then Gina keeps elbowing me and telling me to go to the station to do paramedic stuff…

Negativity, you won’t find that here.

Why do you read EMS blogs? Do you think that we can change this thing we call EMS? Obviously, I do… but I’m asking you this time.

Guest Post – From JDmedic on Two Cases, One Letter

A response to a recent post “Two Comments, One Letter – From One Paramedic’s Struggles, Change Can Come” sparked a good guest post from one of my readers. This is a guest post by JDmedic. Nice job.

Some Recent Blog Carnivals You Should Look At

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One of the best Blog Carnivals out there is The Grand Rounds Blog carnival. I had the honor of being included in it this go’ round. It has been adeptly hosted by Dr. Anonymous over at his blog – Http:// – Head on over for some of the best in blog-type medical content. Oh, and […]

The Shine Factor

The Shine Factor, first in a three part series, examines a simple yet remarkably powerful way to gauge the health of your emergency services organization. It’s quick, easy, and accurate as a temperature check.

Two Cases, One letter – From one Paramedic’s struggles, change can come

A letter I got from a fellow Paramedic has caused me to write a long tyrade on the state of EMS. This post will make you mad. It will challenge you and challenge our profession. You will probably see yourself in the words this Paramedic wrote to me. We Need Change.

@Firedaily – He’ll understand, you probably won’t

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Hey FireDaily and Firefighter Net Cast… Is THIS what we were talking about??

The Perfect Emergency? Well, almost

An idyllic day, an idyllic shift, and an *almost* perfect response. What was wrong with this call? Well.. maybe it was us.

A Shoutout to Emergiblog – Every EMS person should read this

This is a link to a post that EVERY paramedic and EMT should read. I mean really. Go to Emergiblog and read this post. Then try substituting the word “Paramedic” every time the word “Nurse” comes up.

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