A writing Exercise – Working a weekend 48hr shift equal randomness

In the search to find new and interesting ways to order my mind and rid myself of “writers’ block” I’m writing down some randomness. It’s ok, it’s a weekend and I’m on a 48hr shift Saturday and Sunday. It actually worked!

Some Personal Updates 2/19/10

Some personal bloggery updating

Splashed Sadness – A look at negative emotions in EMS

Handling sadness and other negative emotions is just part-and-parcel to EMS and the Emergency Services. How this effects has far reaching implications in our lives, even when it just “Splashes” onto us.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

RT @Boshbrand: Here he is folks. So cute! http://twitpic.com/11xm4l ^ happy day :D congrats to the proud daddy and your family! # @ginakaiser :P yer hair's different.. I like it, but the #CoEMS crowd's gonna notice # These look good, don't they @ginakaiser - glad to have lunch with you.. And yes, I'm a dork [...]

The Chronicles of EMS – Day 3?? Who knows, I’m flying

I am flying. I am so freaking happy that I came to San Francisco! Just.. wow.

Some updates LIVE from San Francisco and the Chronicles of EMS – Friday Morning

The first of my series of blog posts live from the streets of San Francisco, where I bravely will be partying my butt of for the Chronicles of EMS premier party! Here are some links and info.

Pop! Changes the Industry… Here We Go!

In 4hrs I am heading off to San Francisco for the Chronicles of EMS – This is it folks, it’s big. Come on and join us!

Thank you EMS – Some reasons I love what I do

Have you thought for a minute why you do what you do? I have.. and today I’m writing down what it is I love about my chosen profession. EMS is awesome most days.

Why I am Passionate about the Chronicles of EMS

I am energized, passionate, and genuinely excited about the Chronicles of EMS. I’m in 100% – Here’s why you should be too.

Ten (or so) things that you should try to do with every patient

Ten (or so) quick things that you should try to do with every patient to improve your care

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