Fiddling While Rome Burns – The “Ambulance Industry”

If you read this piece and it ticks you off, I’ve accomplished something. We have to take ownership of our profession and our cause. It’s always about the patient, but it’s about us too… are we taking a cue from Emperor Nero?

“CPR Theatre” – Pediatric Deaths, resuscitations, and futility

This post is a cooperative joint topic with two widely respected EMS bloggers, Steve Whitehead from Http:// and Greg Friese, from Http:// – Our topic is supposed to be on why it is that EMTs, Paramedics, and other healthcare providers will sometimes “go through the motions” and continue on with futile resuscitations with pediatric cardiac […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-03

@TheRoadDoctor @Another_Version Hey, on a 24, ran a big part of the day. B2B calls from 0000hrs till 0415hrs. I earned my nap! # RT @Fireground: RT @ENeitzel: RT @Social_Media118: Texas county to name drunk drivers on Twitter # RT @gfriese: Never seen #packers score so many pts ^ weird, isn't it? The packers? […]

Busy Blogger Re-Run – Paying My Pennance

When I was looking through my statcounter results tonight I LOL’d… hard. Apparently THIS POST comes up when one chances to type in “” into our friend Google. Since I haven’t quite finished my latest post on the fact that EMS pay sucks, I figured I’d give the post a rerun. Enjoy. It’s a funny […]

EMS Pay Sucks!! (part 3) – Who or What is at fault here!?

Welcome back to the Life Under the Lights Bar and Grille – This is the third installment of my EMS Pay Sux!! Series of articles. This one calls every argument you’ve ever heard on this issue “crap” and lays out three simple problems that we must tackle to solve our problem sooner, rather than later.

Firefighter Killed, 8 injured in Wisconsin

Http:// has this sad news this morning regarding an explosion in Wisconsin that has claimed the life of one firefighter and left 8 others injured. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with their families and our brothers in the St. Anna Fire Department 

EMS Pay Sucks!! Part 2 – Identifying the problem

Part two in my audience participation exercize entitled “EMS Pay Sucks!! Let’s DO something about it!” – This post is written for general audiences and states what exactly the problem is: The way we compensate EMS professionals in this country is despicable…

EMS Pay Sucks! Let’s do something about it

Entry Img

I’ll be kicking EMS compensation squarely in the butt over the next few posts due to the fact that I’m mad as heck and I don’t plan on taking it anymore. Here’s the introduction and some pre-reading.

Thanking Those who REALLY Deserve it – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All and to All a good night! Who should we really be thanking this Christmas? It’s not me, I’ll tell you that.

ZOMG!! PUT IT OUT!! PUT IT OUT!! PUT IT OUT!! Prayers are indicated for our brother firefighters in the Dublin Fire Brigade!

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