BREAKING NEWS: British Paramedic Blogger Fearing US Arm Wrestling Smackdown

Dateline San Francisco…. Chronicles of EMS

Education vs Training: The “Professional Ambulance Cleaner”

Imagine if you will this hypothetical scenario:

You and your roommate have just graduated EMT school together and go to work at competing ambulance companies in the same city. He works for HIS ambulance service, and you work for YOUR ambulance service. Both services have similar fleets, similar deployment patterns, and similar call-volumes. In fact, there’s really no way to tell them apart other than the fact that the HIS ambulance service uniforms are sickly green jumpsuits, and YOUR ambulance uniforms are Macho Blue Shirts with navy blue pants.

Cardiocerebral Resuscitation – Change brings Fantastic results

Some more information on the amazing, revolutionary procedure that is Cardiocerebral resuscitation. Be prepared here, folks. This stuff will blow your mind.

Attention Everyone!

If you’re here reading my blog and you haven’t yet been to see what our two EMS celebrities, Medic 999 and The Happy Medic are up to, then you should go there right now. The long awaited “Project” between those two has taken off and is now being filmed by Thaddeus Setla of Setla productions. It’s […]

Request for ideas on a problem – Can we be paid enough already?

Can we get paid enough already? I’d sure like to, but I don’t have the answers. Here are some thoughts… but no magic bullets. Care to help?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

My laptop went on the fritz yesterday. A 24hr shift without a computer. Wouldn't have mattered much though, we wuz busy # @gfriese Hey! How 'bout them #packers? # @gfriese Oh, duh! I'll be putting up on the #medicpreneurs page soon. Having some computer troubles… errg # @gfriese I'm hoping #fireemsblogs will have a […]

Will your career survive a decade or more in full-time EMS? Take this three question quiz!

Think you’ve got the right mindset to survive a long career in EMS? Come take this helpful three-question quiz to determine if you’ve got the proper amount of insanity to handle it. EMS Humor folks.

I can’t believe I missed this one

Our friend TOTWTYTR posted up this latest one on EMS 2.0 entitled “Ten Tools that Basic EMTs Need”. It ties in some skills that he thinks should be pushed down to the EMT-Basic level. Most of these things are good ideas, and I really like the one about the education, but then again I would. […]

Shoutout to JEMS and Dr. Wesley – Everyone should read this

If you’ve got a pulse and an EMT card, you need to read this article from Go read it. Go now. Here’s the link. Go.

A Motivational EMS Article Geared towards Newer EMTs

This is a motivational piece geared towards new EMTs that I wrote for a department’s monthly newsletter. Feel free to steal it to inspire your own troops.

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