I am not a medic…but I am Ck’s cousin…and he said “funny”…

This post was written by my cousin Jill. She’s a darn good blogger who writes a blog on her Myspace page. I’m trying to get her to move over to blogger… but have yet to be successful in my endeavors. She wrote this post for this month’s Handover. You can find her blog HERE ———————————————————————– […]

Working on the Handover – Comedic Heavy Lifting

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Remember those commercials for the cable TV station TBS that ran here in the US where they had the “Comedy Lab” testing stuff to see if it is funny? Well, this month’s Handover Blog Carnival is WAY better than that. Remember back when Family Guy, The Simpsons, and South Park were in their earliest seasons […]

Scenarios. A lot of EMS, a little Einstein

A while back ago I had a kick where I did a scenario-based EMS ethics piece that took a look at a possible situation that could be faced by some Paramedics and asked readers what they would do in that case. The response was pretty good. You should add your opinion here. I use a […]

Passed HazMat and picked up a Blogroll addition!

I guess it’s now somewhat more official… after much kicking, screaming, and crying… Ck is kinda now a glow worm. At least in certification, that is. I passed my HazMat Operations level class and now glow just a bit more than I did before. Honestly, I’d been putting off the class because I’m terrified like […]

Alternative Circulatory Access Strategies – Hi Ho IO

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A while back ago, Steve over at http://theemtspot.com wrote a great post on Gaining IV Access. In the post, he’s got some great strategies for getting your IV starts every time. But, as we all know, sometimes you just can’t get the darn catheter to go into that tiny vein for whatever reason. Try as […]

Deadline Monday 9-21! The Handover Cometh!

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On Friday the 25th of this month The Handover Blog Carnival, the biggest, best, first, most awesome, and a whole lot of other superlatives blog carnival featuring awesome bloggers from the EMS, ER, and A&E blogosphere is coming right here to Life Under the lights. Yes, that was a weird sentence. However, this is going […]

Another Night on the Box

I love my Job. I love the Pay. I want to be here every day. Oh wait, I AM. Don’t get me wrong here folks, my Abusive Co-Dependent relationship with EMS is a loving one. I couldn’t imagine not being a paramedic. I couldn’t imagine not being a firefighter. It’s just that where I live, […]

The Handover is coming! – Deadline 9/21/2009!

Howdy everyone! I cannot wait for my chance to host the upcoming edition of The Handover Blog Carnival, the premier EMS blog carnival on the Interwebz. Look for some cool things that I’ll be throwing in there with what is already shaping up to be some great stories. I’ve been laughing pretty hard while reading […]

Easy Microbiology for EMS – Really cool

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Here are two quick videos that I thought were very, very cool. You’ll feel smart after the first one… then not so smart after the second. Enjoy. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtZEqQ1cpmk&hl=en&fs=1&] Ok, after that one. You should be feeling smart. Remember all those things from Biology class? I remembered a lot of them Now, here’s the real one… […]

Moved to Tears

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Note: I wrote this to commemorate 9-11 last year… I wanted to post something new but I thought that this was still appropriate. Never Forget —————————————————–  I woke up this morning to just another day. I’m not proud of it, but I have to admit it. Yes, I know what day it is. I know […]

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